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There are few places on the planet where you get quick access to both area and deep sea journey. The Grupo Mayan hotel in Riviera May possibly offers you the platform that to explore one of the culturally and naturally rich environments on the planet. Here you find the only known Mayan brow, the Castillo, which overlooks the ocean. The shores listed here are a great position that to savor the waters of the Caribbean. For those looking for more adrenalin charged activities then heading out in to the open waters is a great idea.

Using among the 3rd party companies you are able to venture out to use some deep sea fishing. The nutrient-rich barrier reef is home to a wide array of distinctive underwater life variety and its successful numbers makes it a certainty you will keep coming back with something to become baked. You can also opt to examine the reef with some deep sea fishing or surfing. One of many best places to get this done are at the Puerto Morelos National Reef Park. Here you will receive a opportunity to see a number of the rare sea beings including manta rays, turtles, lion sharks and sharks.

The Riviera Maya can also be renowned because of its cenotes, or underground sinkholes. Also found within the park along its coastline, the simplest way to go to one is by cave diving. These a huge selection of cenotes are attached by an underground community and fed with fresh water from streams. The caves have extraordinary formations of stalagmites and stalactites that are clearly visible as a result of the day light. You may also wish to decide to try visiting the Hidden Worlds Park where you can drive a zip line within the land and jungle in a cenote for a watery landing. As an alternative you can cycle above the trees while suspended from the wire. For instance a fantastic read.