Grupo Mayan and Unique Offers

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There are few places in the world where you receive comfortable access to both land and deep sea venture. The Grupo Mayan location in Riviera Might offers you the base where to explore one of the culturally and naturally rich environments in the world. This spot is well known because of its Mayan roots as indicated by historical ruins at Tulum. Here-you get the only recognized Mayan forehead, the Castillo, which overlooks the ocean. The beaches here are a great spot from which to enjoy the waters of the Caribbean. For those looking for more adrenalin charged activities then going out to the open waters is a great idea.

Using among the 3rd party companies you can go out to use some deep-sea fishing. The nutrient rich barrier reef is home to an extensive selection of unique marine life variety and its flourishing numbers makes it a certainty you will keep coming back with something to become baked. You can even opt to explore the reef with some deep sea fishing or snorkeling. Here you will receive a possiblity to see a number of the rare sea pets including manta rays, turtles, lion sharks and sharks.

The Riviera Maya can also be famous for the cenotes, or underground sinkholes. Also located within the park along its shoreline, the best way to visit one is by cave diving. These numerous cenotes are connected by an underground community and provided with fresh water from rivers. The caverns have outstanding formations of stalactites and stalagmites which are clearly visible because of the day light. You could also want to decide to try browsing the Hidden Worlds Park where you can drive a zip-line on the property and marketplace in a cenote for a landing. Instead you can cycle above the trees while suspended from a wire. Further Infos Recommended Site.