How You Can Produce cash Playing Games

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Many people, including myself love to play video games online.  But how can you make money playing games?  That is a very common question.  Most gamers are older now and are wondering how they can do just that.  This is the dream job of many gamers today.  I have been playing video games all my life, and now I'm more into computer games.  Once I heard about how you could test games to make money, I was surprised how easy it was to get started.

For people that think it is not possible to make a loads of money testing games they are wrong!  The fact is that video games alone is a 50 billion dollar a year business!  Another question a lot of people have is why would any company pay a gamer up to 200 dollars a day to play video games?  The answer to that is simple, glitches.  Say if you bought zelda or some other role playing game, and every time you tried to jump the game would crash?

The game would be a complete flop.  You would not buy another game like it, and you would tell your friends not to buy it either.  This costs the company that made the game thousands if not millions of dollars!  So spending a big chunk of money paying testers to find bugs is very common.  So if you want to make money playing games, don't worry about not enough money being there to go around.

Why spend your whole day in an office at a boring day job?  When you could be sitting at home drinking soda and eating pizza playing video games all day long.  Not only that but you also get to play the newest games that have not even been released yet.  You gain access to cheat codes and other goodies that only testers can use.

Now I make money playing games and I can always brag to all my friends on how I have the best job ever.  Not to mention how sleeping in is something anyone could get used to!