How to Create Successful Landing Pages in 2013 for More Traffic

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As we now well into 2013, you want to gather all of the relevant data about building the right kind of landing pages for SEO and other purposes. The changes aren't as vast as some people would have you believe, but it's still important to keep up with them. Landing pages must also be well targeted to their intended audience, so you have to do plenty of market research. There's a good chance that you've already accumulated plenty of valuable wisdom when it comes to building good landing pages. There are exceptions in a few areas though, so avoid being lazy and assuming you don't need to update your knowledge. You don't want to take a hit from Google due to some apparently minor infraction you weren't even aware of.

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Probably there is a high percentage of online marketers and small business people who take their cues from other sites. They'll check out what the competition's already done first and then they'll attempt to follow their lead. On top of this, most people search for those competing sites right on the first page of a Google search.

So it's not a stretch of the imagination to consider there are many sites that have some things in common. What you should also do is go beyond the first page of SERPS in Google. What you uncover could be well worth the effort. Most of the selling should be on your landing pages. Be cautious because you could be promoting your product and not even know it. For example, a lot of internet marketers want to use powerful calls to action, but the average person usually ignores them. Everyone who surfs on the internet is probably familiar with the big buy now buttons, but these are not always very effective and there are good reasons for this. So your landing pages should have calls to action that deal with downloads. You want to give people the impression that they will take ownership of your offer. Test it out and see if things improve for you with this approach.

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Ideally, a new visitor who arrives at your landing page should want to stay and navigate around your site. You should make this happen by linking your posts with text links. You can tweak the page for the best impact, but most people put them at the end. You must be certain that you have the correct location before you rinse and repeat. It is true that text links that are placed properly will gain more clicks. When this takes place, then you know that you are doing something right. Then you know you can do it again.

Landing pages can be optimized fairly easily and can be done without your experiencing any issues. Just do things by the book and move slowly. Test things out slowly, watch your stats and do the same things over again if they get good results.