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Innovation Custom Builders Fort Worth Roofing is a certified Fort Worth Texas roofing contractor providing roofing maintenance in your area is providing a maintenance package on LivingSocial deal site. Get the package free by purchasing and referring 3 friends who buy. Get details
A Certified Roofing Contractor In Fort Worth is Your Best Choice - WHY?
The life durantion of your roof depends on several variables; type of roofing, quality of roofing material, and exposure to harsh weather elements among the top. With proper maintenance and farily normall weathering conditions, a roof can last anywhere from 10 -- 100 years.
Common roofing material such as built up roofing usually lasts 12 - 20 years, metal roofing 15 - 40 years, wood shake or shingles 10 - 40 years, asphalt shingles 15 - 20 years, and specialty material like slate up to100 years under good conditions.
Leaks start as small cracks in roofing material that may not be visible; water may collect in an adjacent area. To detect such damage, a close inspection of the roof may be necessary.
A certified Fort Worth Texas roofing contractor should be contacted to avoid further damage to the roof, or personal injury to the homeowner caused by trying to inspect yourself. A roof inspection should be performed annually; constant weathering by sun, heat, rain, snow, hail, wind, and cold can cause roofing material to break down. A certified roofing contractor will know what to look for.
A roof and soffit system should be properly vented to prevent over-heating and water retention, two factors that can cause a roof to break down prematurely.
When looking for a professional to inspect your roof, Call ICB Fort Worth Roofing for a free inspection.
We offer the professional roofing and restoration services and our clients love what we do.
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