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<p>It would appear there is an entire world that lies just outside of the borders of the United States of America. In these far-off foreign lands-state code: FN-American movies will often find their most enthusiastic market. As far as that market is concerned right now, things could not possibly be going better for Marvel and its partner, Disney. Not only did "The Avengers" blow the doors clean off of theaters both domestic and foreign last summer by setting records almost everywhere it was shown, but this season's blockbuster release of "Iron Man 3" is already beating it in just about every category. While the film's domestic take is well on track to exceed a zillion dollars in ticket sales alone, overseas markets are clearly a fertile ground that has been well plowed by the combined forces of Marvel and Disney.

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I went to see Iron Man 3 on the opening day and my first reaction was, let's say less than complementary. Since I'm a huge fan of any super hero movie, ( I still watch and enjoy Daredevil mind you) I thought perhaps I was tired, hungry, overworked, over caffeinated, etc... anything, but " this movie is a really disappointing". However, I went again last night and unfortunately came away with the same conclusion. This movie is a really disappointing. Now I'm no professional movie critic so I can't and won't speak to plots, character development, thematic connections, etc... Instead, I'll speak from the position of a guy who has read and collected comic books, action figures, especially the Iron Man 2 series, T-shirts, and movie memorabilia from childhood to now.

As usual, in all these movies, there must be an excellent ‘bad guy' to battle our hero and Iron Man 3 did not disappoint when it cast the brilliant Sir Ben Kingsley from Gandhi's fame, as the Mandarin. I must say that saying that Mr. Kingsley is the antagonist is buying into Shayne Black, the director's sleight of hand… but going in depth would also give too much away plot-wise. I will say this much that Sir Ben Kingley's performance is akin to a Monty Python-like comedy pleasure in Iron Man 3… only with frightening hilarity. The truth be told is that in Iron Man 3 there is another antagonist played by Guy Pearce, whom I have seen in the classic Film Noir, LA Confidential and Christopher Nolan's Memento. Pearce, in Iron Man 3, is the mad scientist who not only is Dr. Frankenstein, but he is also the monster created or more aptly, Doctor Jekyll, who seemed to have bedded Pepper Pots in the recent past, and Mr. Hyde, who is religiously bent on wreaking havoc on Tony Stark (Iron Man) and the world.

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First of all it took over an hour to get to some real action. The first hour was centered around Tony Stark, a chaotic street scenes, and the super villain ( at least he was in the comic books) Mandarin (more on him later). OK, so setting up a narrative in the beginning of a story is important, I'll admit that, But come on, it's the third sequel already!. We already know Tony Stark's background. And why is he still working on bugs in the suit? IT'S IRON MAN 3!. The kinks should have been worked out by now. Oh and now the suit talks. Eerily he sounded like Kit from Knight Rider.

In order to promote the film, the studio began its preparations well in advance by gathering up the cast of "Iron Man 3" and sending them on a whirlwind tour of markets all over the world. The exhausting schedule left little time for anything but interviews and the odd publicity stunt, but now that the movie is out, the strategy of softening up foreign beachheads is being very well rewarded indeed.

This game tells about the event following Iron Man 3 storyline, in this game you play as Tony Stark with a goal to protect the world as Ironman from any kind of treat that coming over to our world. With similar exact costume like in the movie, you can floating, shoot, and get rid of several bad guy to protect the world. The main enemy is an organization named A.I.M or Advance Idea Mechanics that attempt to rule the globe. This enemy group sends numerous machine so that you can destroy in each challenging level.

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